Linda Minotti, a woman passionate about her job and everything she undertakes!

Red is also the color that represents her wonderfully because she has a lot:

  • Energy: she has to sell!
  • Ardor: Linda puts a lot of dedication into the service of her customers!
  • Empathy: she is always attentive to the needs of her clientele!

In short, calling on the services of broker Linda Minotti is reassuring and it is also the guarantee of a real estate transaction well completed. In addition, her great attentiveness and her concern to exceed the expectations of her clients, sellers as well as buyers, makes her often forge links of friendship with them! Linda Minotti is the epitome of a real estate broker with great professionalism!

Linda Minotti has extensive experience, as she has always worked with the public in the field of telecommunications. She has held senior management positions, including as Sales Manager, in Quebec and the Maritimes, at major companies such as Shaw, AT&T, XEROX, Rogers, and Roadpost. By her own admission, Ms. Minotti loves people, and she especially enjoys using her knowledge and expertise to help them showcase their property.

Linda Minotti was awarded the 2016 Autonomous Worker of the Year Award by the Greater St. Donat Chamber of Commerce. The strong Jeannotte Minotti team, which she founded in 2007 with her husband Louis Jeannotte, a chartered real estate broker who worked as a notary for more than 30 years, brings together five real estate brokers known for their professionalism and know-how. Thus, when a client calls upon their services, they also benefit from an extensive network of “buyers and sellers” contacts and the expertise of professionals able to solve problems, if need be.

In addition, Linda Minotti is a real estate broker for Barnes International Realty - Quebec, a real estate agency specializing in the sale of properties over $ 500,000, published in the Barnes International magazine and on the Barnes Quebec site. The Sutton Group is the only real estate agency in Quebec that holds an agreement with Barnes International.

Brokers of the Jeannotte Minotti team are active in the following regions: Saint-Donat-de-Montcalm, Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci, Entrelacs, Chertsey, Rawdon, Lanthier and Lac-Supérieur. They also have a real estate development project Bel-Air Resort and Residences in La Conception. To highlight the 10 years of the Jeannotte Minotti team, the brokers invited their clients to celebrate this event in July 2017 to thank them for their trust.

In closing, Linda Minotti adopts the motto of Jacques Coeur: “With a valiant heart, nothing is impossible!”

Did you enjoy reading this presentation and are convinced to entrust your real estate sales or purchase project to Linda Minotti? Do not hesitate to contact her!

Par Linda Minotti